tunnels-on-the-railway-near-ohiyaThe Railway, then known as Ceylon Government Railways, was conceived in the 1850’s as an instrument to develop and unify the country. The 1st sod of the Sri Lanka Railways was cut by Sir Henry Ward, the Governor, in August in1858. The 1st Train ran on 27th December 1864, with the construction of the Main Line from Colombo to Ambepussa, 54 kilometers to the east. This line was officially opened for traffic on 02nd October 1865. The Railway extended and developed its network and in 1927, a total route length of 1530 km was in operation. The Main Line was extended in stages, with service to Kandy in 1867, to Nawalapitiya in 1874, to Nanu-Oya in 1885, to Bandarawela in 1894, and to Badulla in 1924. Other lines were completed in due course to link the other parts of the country, the Matale Line in 1880, the Coast Line in 1895, the Northern Line in 1905, the Mannar Line in 1914, the Kelani Valley Line in 1919, the Puttalam Line in 1926, and the Batticaloa and Trincomalee Lines in 1928.

The Railway was initially built to transport coffee and tea from the hill country to Colombo for export and was for many years, the main source of income. With population growth, however, passenger traffic increased and in the 1960’s overtook freight as the main source of business. The Railway is now primarily engaged in the transport of passengers, especially commuters to and from Colombo, offering a vital service and reducing road congestion.

Introducing Ella

ella-little-adams-peak-660x320Welcome to everyone’s favorite hill-country village and the place to ease off the travel accelerator with a few leisurely days resting in your choice of some of the country’s best guesthouses. The views through Ella Gap are stunning, and on a clear night you can even spy the subtle glow of the Great Basses lighthouse on Sri Lanka’s south coast. Don’t be too laid-back though; definitely make time for easygoing walks through tea plantations to temples, waterfalls and viewpoints. After building up a hiking-inspired appetite, look forward to Sri Lanka’s best home-cooked food and the mini splurge of an extended Ayurvedic treatment.

In recent years the popularity of Ella has soared and seemingly every month yet another new guesthouse or hotel opens. Sadly, some of these newer hotels have been built in a hurry by people with little knowledge of the desires and requirements of the average foreign tourist in Ella, resulting in some large, multistory, cheaply made blots of ugliness scarring the hills of the village. Fortunately, the rumor of a cable-car running between Little Adam’s Peak and Ella Rock does (we dearly hope) appear to be just a rumor.

Our Team

brunoaward_thumbBruno was a teetotaler. He then Achieved the highest rank in tourism at woodland net work Bandarawela. After the demise of father Hariyas, He had connection with the Intrepid Tourism Company in Australia, and became the first Sri Lankan Representative as a tourist guide, as a Consequence he guided many number of tourist.
In Accordance of the tourist magazine published by the Wonderlust in Britain He won a Bronze Medal in 2010 and A gold medal in the Year 2011 as a tourist guide.
He achieved this goal because of hi s talented service.
Bruno’s Community
Bruno got his own organization for the welfare of the children of the labors who work at tea plantations. We already helped for higher studies of few children and we’re continuing this as a social responsibility from the funds we raise from a share of our tours revenue.

Noel Bruno Dawson


He has 22+ years experience in railway department, Sri Lanka and he’s working as the station master at Ella Railway Station in the present. He’s also a member of Bruno’s Community which helps to uplift the educational level of children in poor families. Because of his goodwill he got this recommendation from Lonely Planet.

“The station manager, Mr Ashendra Dissanayake dserves mention for winning the ‘Most Hlpful Station Manager’ award”


Ashendra Dissanayake

Shiraz is a Sri Lankan born figure who really had a need of achieving his career in the education field to develop the international languge skill for upcountry students. With the intention of giving the English education while training the community for a better change he started an educaitonal project to help every community for future targets in the year 2000 with the support of many white colar people. He served as the director until 2006 and then he becomes the Provincial Project Director in 2007. while serving in the educational field he joined the Tharaka Human Development Foundation in 2007 and he was appointed as the FIELD DIRECTOR to serve the needy community in sri lanka.
In 2010 he was called by the Badulla Hon. Mayor to start a mega educational scholarship proejecct to be carried out for school leavers. In 2012 he was able to conduct a motivational programme for business people on an invitation of Chamber of Commerce.
In 2014 the LIONS CLUB of uva capital invites him to conduct a special motivation programme for school children, and today he has been serving the club free of charge as a public serevice. He is also the executive director of Linda Educational Services pvt ltd. Director of London English School and Training Centre Pvt Ltd. Managing partner of Merikta Cake Fab. Resource person and member Lions Club of uva capital. Chief secretary of Minasco Foundation Wayamba. Project Coordinator of Mayors Scholarship project.

Shiraz Khan


eco-friendly, comfortable and safe journey


improve and ensure the social, economical, cultural and environmental value of the uva province via implementing sustainable tourism management and development with up country railway beauty