Duration: 1 day
Location: Ella- Idulgashinna Tea Plantation- Ohiya
Price: 160 USD
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Ella- Idulgashinna Tea Plantation- Ohiya- By Train to Ella

Ella to Indulashinna by train that leaves at 9.23am. We will reach at Idulgashinna at 10.41am. Idulgashinna is one of the places where you are able to see the view both sides south & Northern side One of the highest point in Railway Station Idulgashinna is surrounded  by tea plantation where many Tamil people who live there.. The Railway station comes in 1893 Built by the British. From there we start walking through the forest & tea plantation, reach at the top of the mountain from Upper Ohiya we trek through the jungle to Ohiya railway station. The distance from Idulgashinna to Ohiya will be 13 KMS. It will take 5 hours very calm and peaceful trekking. At ohiya we can get the train at 3.56Pm that will reach at Ella 5.27PM.

This trekking will be one of the most beautiful, through tea plantation & forest you can meet many more tea pickers’ children and learn their livelihood, how they live& many kinds of flowers & may be birds & wildlife.

Per person: 160USD.

Two persons: 180USD.

Inclusive: Train tickets with reservation/Lunch/Tea / Guide fees